Kate Brady Creates is a small studio focusing on type, lettering, illustration, branding, & adventure by Kate Brady.

Kate & her Nannie at the Downton Abbey Exhibit
Kate & her Nannie at the Downton Abbey Exhibit

Hello! Here is a brief introduction of who I am & why we should be friends:

I grew up in a small South Jersey town, where my parents encouraged my curiosity & love of art. From preschool to high school, my art teachers encouraged my passion for art; without them I know I would not be where I am today. In high school, 4 incredible art teachers helped move me forward with my passion for graphic design. The fall of 2009, I began my quest to become a graphic designer at the School of Visual Arts, & couldn’t have been happier with the choice. Learning from talented professionals, I spent my college days drinking lots of coffee & putting in as much time as I could into my projects. My junior year, I fell head over heals for silkscreen design & working with letter-press. Getting your hands dirty with design is very refreshing!

In the silk screen studios, I met my friend & mentor, Igor Langshteyn, who offered me an internship at Oyster.com. Working under his guidance, I created email blasts, illustrations, web graphics, web & app mocks, ads, & power point presentations. After finishing college, I continued to work as a junior freelance designer at Oyster until the company was sold in 2013. Though I knew I’d miss my friends at Oyster, I found myself starting my next adventure at Cockpit USA.

There, I grew into quite the creative & marketer. I worked on marketing, graphics, product photography & styling, advertising, social media management, email blasts, & any other needs that would arrive. As small company, my bosses were open to letting everyone try new things, make proposals, & work on projects they had a passion for. One of my favorite projects at Cockpit USA was working on a brand book for the company to show wholesalers. This was where my love of layout design was able to flourish & boy did it – this book is now a staple of the company. When Cockpit USA’s junior partner, Mike Kennedy, stepped on board, we teamed up to deliver co-branded campaigns with Budweiser, Top Gun, & Newland, Tarlton & Co. From creating social posts, email blasts, & blogs – we were able to get the word out about Cockpit USA’s amazing products. Wanting to focus on more design work, I decided my time with my friends at Cockpit USA must come to an end.

My goal is to create work I am passionate about & to help small businesses who need a hand. A project with three talented pals has turned into a small video, social-media business called KS KS Creative. We are a talented team of friends who took our love of small businesses & communities to the next level to bring them reliable, strong design. Whether I’m working alone or with friends, I want to explore multiple options & create an experience & feeling to remember.

I would be thrilled to work with you on any project or idea that comes to mind. Working with others to create something everyone can be proud of is what I am all about.


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