Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic by Kate Brady

I’ve been toying with the idea of illustrating some of my favorite drinks for some time now, & finally sat down to work some of them out. Starting with my go-to drink of choice: a gin & tonic. Gin & Tonics tend to remind me of warm days, pine forests, & the movie My Fair Lady. After spending time browsing a few books on Victorian posters, & drafting out a number of sketches, I finished my first illustration. Now I have to go make myself a real gin & tonic to enjoy.

inspired by Victorian posters, made with pencil & gouache, designed with thirst 

Gin & Tonic by Kate Brady

My main goal with this project is improve my lettering & work in gouache. My second goal is to get better at documenting my work. Hopefully my next drink will have more process shots. Now on to the next drink!




Inktober: Poison 003

Day 3 of Inktober – loving today’s word! I know my concept is not original, but there is something about the word poison that always makes me think of apples. Probably because I watched so many disney movies growing up.

October 02 Word – Poison

Inspired by Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Poison Apple
Have a bite. It’s harmless.

Inktober: Divided 002

It’s only day 2 of Inktober & I’m having a blast. Nothing puts you in the mood to be creative like a daily challenge. It’s only the second day, so here’s to keeping up the momentum.

October 02 Word – Divided

Inspired by the prospect of life on another planet before it disappears


Inktober: Swift 001

Getting into the holiday spirit this year with Inktober! A drawing prompt created my Jake Parker where creatives (and anyone who likes to doodle) draw something new every day using inks. A list of words are provided as inspiration and the rest is up to you.

October 01 Word – Swift

Inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service


Kate Brady’s Work in Progress

Hello hello!

I’m always busy working on something. From lettering to design and illustration, I love to have a project or 7 on my desk. What can I say? Having something to be inspired by is fun!

This is where I will be posting what I am working on. I’ve got a number of strange ideas and interesting executions I’d be happy to share.